Good paying, family supporting jobs
In order for our state to have a thriving, growing economy, Missouri’s families must have the opportunities to support themselves through good paying jobs. We can create an economic environment that encourages job growth, and allows each Missourian to find a great place to work.

Freedom isn’t free.
As a United States Marine Corps Veteran, I understand first hand the sacrifices that servicemen and women make for their country. I support those who choose to serve their country in the military, and I believe that we should continue to have their back when they come home.

The government does not create jobs, businesses do.
I know our economy wasn’t built by big government, but by the American people who have worked in and started businesses that make our country a better place to call home. I believe government’s role in job creation is to allow the kind of environment that is favorable to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Pro life. Pro family.
One of the government’s most sacred duties is to protect those whose lives and liberties are under attack. We must defend all life, including and especially the unborn. I am committed to pushing back against the expansion of abortion and defending the lives and values of Missouri families.